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07年 ストリートグライド ダイノテスト結果


Screamin' Eagle Stage 1 Kit $139.95
Screamin' Eagle Street
Performance Touring Mufflers $399.95
Revolver-Style End Cap $39.95 each
Stage 1 Software $149.95

What about the results? As stated, the bike is still extremely quiet, and it loses virtually no low end torque. Throttle response is better everywhere, and slight horsepower and torque gains can be seen as low as 2,700 rpm. Above 3,700 rpm, the already strong Twin Cam 96 becomes an entirely new beast that loves to rev! Instead of the motor wanting to flatten out just above 5,000 rpm, it now pulls much harder from 4,000 rpm to just over 6,000 rpm. The effective rev ceiling is raised roughly 600 rpm, but the big power boost covers the entire top half of the rev range. Peak wheel horsepower increases from roughly 69.5 to 75.

ハーレー・ダビッドソン社 特許侵害で訴えられる